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Posted on 01-28-2015

Gluten is a protein found in ALL grains. In some of us, the gluten in WHEAT, RYE, OATS and BARLEY causes our immune systems to overreact - leading to inflammation and health issues. 

The rise of gluten sensitivity is not a fad, but can be linked to the 200% increase in the gluten content of WHEAT in the last 60 years.  

There's plenty of confusion and mis-information out there like the following: 

"Gluten sensitivity is a FAD"

 "I don't have any digestion issues- so I can't have a gluten sensitivity",..  or

 "I've been checked for that, and I was told I'm ok." 

Because of the confusion and the link to health issues that I see in my clinic, I often give a community lecture on Gluten Sensitivity and our next one is this thursday at 6 pm at my office.  Call our office to see if we have enough space to fit you in! (831) 372-5602. If you can't make it, I recommend the following book for a very good insight into the problem of gluten sensitivity:  "Wheat Belly"  by Dr. William Davis, a Cardiologist. You can go to his website at wheatbellyblog.com for more information!     

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