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Posted on 12-17-2014


There are so many causes of balance problems and these can be difficult at times to figure out. 

Our ability to know when and where we are in space is dependent on three things:  Our Visual System, Our Proprioceptive (Joint Information), and our INNER EAR with all its complicated canals!  Like THREE Legs on a stool, if one leg is shorter, or cracked... the other two legs will take more of the stress.  Makes sense?  As a chiropractor specializing in bio-mechanical correction of faulty postures, we have to make sure that you body is communicating properly your position to your brain so you are most efficient. But also, if I suspect that you have an inner-ear problem I may recommend certain exercises to un-lodge microscopic crystals in your ear canals! If there are more things afoot, I will recommend you see a balance specialist or a neurologist to get other things checked out! 

GLUTEN ATAXIA:   If you have a sensitivity to Gluten, (symptoms may include skin problems, fatigue, bloating after meals, joint pain), your immune system may be activated to attack your balance centers , causing "GLUTEN ATAXIA" - balance problems, bumping in to things. I have helped a number of patients over the years by simply taking them off gluten for 3-4 weeks as a trial. Their balance improved and they can never eat GLUTEN again! 


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